Lifestyle, books, and other things I enjoy!

Just a prairie girl in Canada sharing her thoughts on books, life, and miscellaneous topics. Not a professional at any of the aforementioned, but I do my best.

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Starting new!

It’s for myself as much as it is for everyone else (so it’s okay if I’m the only viewer… i’ll be the viewer of the month LOOOL) It makes me happy (which is an emotion I have had been in shortage of these past few months) I think it’s fun! WHO CARES WHAT PEOPLE SAY!!Continue reading “Starting new!”

About Me

Hi, my name is Jenna! Here are some quick facts about me:
• I’m 25 years old and I recently became obsessed with books in May 2021
• I have 2 cats named Belle (white cat with one blue eye and one green eye) and Yuna (calico with the sweetest yellow to green eyes)
• I work as a pharmacist/pharmacy resident but I’m currently on a medical leave
• I’m a twin!
• I’m an oversharer – ask me how I am and I’ll tell you all my trauma from the last 10 years AHAHA
• I love dying my hair – recently dyed my hair blonde and got a chemical burn that my mom gave me but it’s my favourite hairstyle I’ve had so far! 😂
• I’m obsessed with pumpkin/cinnamon scents, foods, visuals ahaha
• I really want to try writing a book some day!

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