Starting new!

My blog!

Hi besties! So, I finally published this little blog of mine! Honestly, it makes me really nervous, I’m worried people will make fun of me, judge me, or not look at it at all which I thought would be kind of embarrassing… however this is my anxiety speaking, so I’m working on sharing my thoughts as to why I should do it anyway (this is also an exercise for me LOOL)

  1. It’s for myself as much as it is for everyone else (so it’s okay if I’m the only viewer… i’ll be the viewer of the month LOOOL)
  2. It makes me happy (which is an emotion I have had been in shortage of these past few months)
  3. I think it’s fun!
  4. WHO CARES WHAT PEOPLE SAY!! YOLO!! If people have something constructive to say, I’m happy to hear it! But if it’s just to put me down, then it is more of a reflection of them than it is of me.
  5. I think my grandpa (may he rest in peace) would be happy and proud of me for doing something like this, because he had his own blog and he LOVED writing.
  6. I can post whatever I want – books, cats, coffee, music – I can share the things I love with people I love

If you’re in a similar situation, where you’re doubting yourself in terms of starting something or doing something for some of the same reasons, I’m here to be Shia Labeuf and to tell you to JUST DO ITTTT! If something makes you happy, if something brings you joy, if something adds a little SPRING IN UR STEP LOL, do it for you! AND NOT FOR ANYONE ELSE! You only live once yallz!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, that is all. I’m trying to hype myself up to post this bc I’m honestly very nervous LMAO THANKS FOR READING

Published by phoenixbythebook

Blogging about my life and love for books, coffee, and cats!

6 thoughts on “Starting new!

  1. Welcome to book blogging. I started out eight years ago, much like you, mostly to remember what I read! Since then, it has been a lot of fun, I’ve had a lot of interesting interactions and even blogged about a few books! Enjoy!


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