How to start off your blog/instagram

Hi friends! I’m writing this post based on my own experience, so please bare with me and know that this is advice for beginners from a recent beginner! I just wanted to share how I kicked off my book instagram, or bookstagram, with a good start.

1. Think of a meaningful or catchy name!
For me, I chose a meaningful name that was based on why I started reading again in the first place. It helped give me a sense of commitment and dedication to my page.

2. Create your account.
(Obviously, using the name from point 1. hahaha)

3. Develop a sense of purpose.
Do you want to share reviews? Do you want to just post pictures? Do you want to simply browse other accounts? All of the above?

If you’re a planner like me, it will be good to start thinking about what kind of account you want to have or content you want to post so you can get a better idea of how things will go and what kind of actions you need to take for your account.

If you want to share reviews – what books have you read recently that you can review?
If you want to just post photos – what kind of photos will you post? Who is your audience?
If you just want to browse – maybe this is something to put in your bio, or maybe you want to follow a bunch of related accounts to make sure your suggested friends are in line with that.

4. Start following!
You need to follow at least 50 people a day or every other day when you’re first starting out. This will ensure that you have a steady stream of followers as well.

Follow accounts you’re interested in.
Follow suggested accounts.
Follow friends and family.

Numbers don’t always mean everything, but if you’re looking to grow fast, you’ll need to follow people and ensure your content is fun, interesting, and aesthetically pleasing! Most people follow back, so when you follow a lot of people it increases your chances of getting followed back. Having good content will better ensure you get that follow back as well, depending on the purpose of your instagram as in point 3!

5. Share your account!
You’re doing something you love – you should share it with people you love, and people who love you! And I mean this as in sharing it from your personal Facebook or Instagram or Twitter accounts.

6. Start posting!
You don’t have to start with anything extra fancy. You can simply post a selfie, or a picture that makes you happy, something that aligns with your theme and your purpose. For those bookstagrammers, my first photo was simply of my hand holding a book – easy as that!

7. Engage!
You need to make sure you engage with your audience by liking, messaging, saving, and commenting on posts. The book community is so kind and welcoming, you will surely make a lot of new friends there if you’re starting on bookstagram! Everyone will welcome your comments and will be very appreciative of follows and likes (at least based on my experience!)

Last piece of advice:

Honestly, I was really nervous and embarrassed to share my account at first. I thought people would judge me or make fun of me or call me a loser for having this kind of hobby. But you know what, it’s what I love to do and it makes me happy, so I want to share that. And whoever judges me or judges you is probably not that nice or happy of a person either, so DO YOU!!! LOL

If you have any kind of hobby you want to share, DO IT! You only live once, right?

Anyway, that’s all I have for you guys! Good luck on your instagram accounts!! ❤

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Blogging about my life and love for books, coffee, and cats!

One thought on “How to start off your blog/instagram

  1. Love to see someone doing something they love and genuinely enjoy! The blog looks great, very well put together! I wish you all the best!


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